About Me

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I am Ila . I am an economist by education , management consultant during the day and a blogger at night /  I love Indian design , textiles and art. I am always always on a lookout for beautiful block prints , elaborate phulkaris , Varansi paintings , unique Indian ‘ start-up ‘ designers .  Rest of the time I am  traveling , listening to music ( read sufi , coke studio , Shubha Mudgal ..you get the drift) reading , meeting new people in a new city , dealing with tantrums of a three year old and collecting textiles.

Peacock is India’s national bird and probably the most beautiful feathered friend you will ever lay your eyes on. Rains is India’s favourite season and seeing a peacock dance in the rain in its full glory is perhaps the most beautiful & captivating experience on earth! This blog is going to be very Indian – inspired by all beautiful things in India, especially fabrics, design, art, jewelry, everything

So come hop on for enchanting ride .