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Hello Friyay , yes the weekend is almost here. What better start than playing the music Saanwari chose for us. Its a happy happy song . And if this doesn’t cheer you enough … read on to see some more happy , colorful and crazy decor by PoppadumArt.

She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire. – Charles Bukowski.

It kinda summarises what PoppadumArt is as well! Says their founder Saanwari ! Well  ahem if we may add their founder too !;)


saanwari( pc : Better Homes and Gardens)

“Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be in a creative career.  Before I started PoppadumArt, I was an account director in advertising​ and worked on some of the best brands ​in the business . ​At that time,​​we we looking to do up our house in a fun, quirky way that reflected our personalities.​But as we discovered, there was a complete lack of home decor options for people like us in the market. ​There was just nothing that called out to me.​ I had been wanting to do something more creatively satisfying and having​ always been interested in interior​s​, I ​realised that I should take this opportunity to start a line ​of happy home decor and lifestyle accessories that​ would hopefully​ change the perception of what home decor should be, and made homes happier and more fun. And so, PoppadumArt was born !​”

Saanwari is particularly proud of their  range of Be who you want to be Mirrors – “It’s about 3 years old now and I still think it’s one of our coolest products ” she says.
“Then there are our lights and planters that are a great way to add a pop of color and brighten up any corner. The Paperboat Napkin and Toothpick holder, the Omnomnom platters…I could go on.”

​”A little away from lifestyle accessories, but in line ​with ​the core of happy things, we’ve recently launched Write-on-Me t-shirts for kids which are an absolutely unique and super fun product. ​They’re tees with a little chalkboard patch that kids can write on with chalk! They’re my current favorite:) 


Also our Customers seem to absolutely love our Chai glass and kettle sets and I love how they use them for decor rather than serving tea!”
The petrichor oozing from the earth,
Blending with the aroma of the tea,
Taking him back to his childhood days,
When his mother sang him to sleep,
And there was always a bigger bed to crawl into,
The rain and the memories whisked, away all the exhaustion and solitude.
Baatein for PoppadumArt
Among other designers , Saanwari says ” I absolutely love what Busride Design Studio is doing to bring cool, quirky design to interiors and architecture. In decor/lifestyle there’s ofcourse Pavitra Rajaram whose work brings out the essence of India so beautifully. Then there’s Ashley Thomas whose lovely whimsical illustrations and products always bring a smile. ”
( these salt and pepper shakers are my favorite)
” You’ll notice that most of our products come from an idea. Whether it is the Paperboat Napkin Holder where the napkins replace the sails or the Streetlight Shakers where the bul​b​s carry salt and pepper, we try that each product we make has a context to it. That makes our products unique and sure shot conversation starters as opposed to just pretty pieces of decor.”

“Honestly, when I started, quirky wasn’t really an accepted design genre in our markets. There were hardly any brands that were in the quirky space. But now more than ever the audience is being exposed to this design aesthetic and it is beginning to embrace it. Finally we’re taking ourselves less seriously when it comes to doing up our homes and I’m so so glad to be part of this change.​ I only see the space growing​ by leaps and bounds in the coming years.”


“I get my inspiration from things around me. I’m hugely influenced by the whole ‘jugaad’ phenomena that we see around us in India. I’ve seen it in my house growing up, I’ve seen it outside in shops and at street vendors, in ultra urban set-ups and at grass root levels – it’s just about everywhere. That, I think, is what has shaped my design sensibility to quite an extent and contributes immensely to my creative process. I’m always looking for what a usual object can be if it weren’t itself. It does make me sound crazy, I know but well….”

​ Saanwari’s recipe for success – ” I absolutely love what I do and I think that’s the most important thing. Also, perseverance. Its very important to not have an active Plan B in your mind when you start off on your own. ​It has certainly been a hard journey but not giving up is what has lead PoppadumArt to where it is today.”

( sneak peek into their new collection )

BeFunky Collage

 PoppadumArt retails through their website here. They are also available on Fab Furnish, marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon etc. They  also have some offline retail partners in some cities where you can get a look and feel of the product before purchasing.
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